Advanced text searching on any record or document



A class can have many fields included in the key word search from the current record or related records.

Keyword searches give a powerful search facility in a single "Google" style search box. A convenient and simple search box can be used instead of the more advanced search screen in many cases.

The keyword index uses the Soundex algorithm to create the unique set of words, this allows for direct index searches on either the actual words or the words that sound like those entered.

Are there multiple page status' to manage webpage development through to publishing?

The CMS Site builder has multiple page statuses to enable you to control the publishing of webpages while they are being developed or changed.

Page status is easy to use and gives website developers very effective control of the publishing process across the site. You can utilise different page status to manage the publishing of individual pages. For example by setting the status of a page which is under development, to 'Offline', this page will not be published (not visible on your public site) when

The Developer provides training support for its systems.

stSoftware offers a number of training programs based on our RoBUST model which is a Roles Based User Training method, to achieve higher learning levels of functionality that is highly relevant to individual users and user groups.

It is important to plan user training which is relevant to all users, can be reproduced with new staff and be scalable so it can accommodate organisational change.

User Training Strategy

The training strategy adopted will be influenced by the number of users, the complexity of

Does the system mask sensitive information from log files like credit card numbers

Logs data can be masked based on Java regular expressions. (

Example -  mask credit card number from log files or mask only the password from connection URL.

String like: My master card number number "4444333322221111" will be masked to "My master card number number "****************"

String like: "" will be masked to "nigel:******"




Does stSoftware offer guaranteed time-frames for new projects, modifications and enhancements?

stSoftware can use the Waterfall project methodology which locks down business requirements and scope at the start of the project and enables set time frames with guarantees. We prefer to use the Agile project methodology as it is increasingly recognised as providing better outcomes with shorter project times and lower costs to client as overheads are reduced.

With Agile projects the client and the vendor teams work closely together on smaller deliverables. This collaborative environment reduces

How do you change the welcome page?


  • Click the [CRM] Button in the left navigation menu
  • Click the [Sites] Button in the left navigation menu
  • Click to open the [public] site

 Select public site

  • Click the [Pages] tab
  • Click the[Welcome] page

Select Welcome page 

  • Click the [Script] tab to update the JavaScript if needed
  • Click the [Style] tab to update the style sheet if needed
  • Click the[welcome component] to edit the page

Welcome component 



  • Design your Welcome page
  • Save your changes 
  • Click the[Publish] button in the site screen

Design the Welcome page



Release Notes: Cloud File Manager (CloudFM)

Our Cloud File Manager (CloudFM) retains the core functionality and layout found in previous versions, but has been 
completely rebuilt from the ground up with many new features and improvements based on your valuable feedback.

The CloudFM module presents a paradigm shift in file management for stSoftware. This file manager is based on an hierarchical directory structure which uses AJAX to allow administrators to arrange files on the server, in the same way they do with file managers on their personal

Independent Education Union NSW/ACT


NSW ACT IEU (Independent Education Union) Legacy system migration


The client, the NSW ACT IEU, is a union for all staff working in non-government schools and private business and English colleges, and for teachers working in private and community-based early childhood centres throughout NSW and the ACT. A twenty-year-old legacy system was being used to manage memberships for their 30,000 members.

The legacy membership system was a critically important asset, underpinning the membership process

Fusion Marketing Design Print Media


Fusion Marketing Design Print Media

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on a first class product that has streamlined our business in our sales and production procedures and enabled Fusion to run more efficiently. Being a Marketing and Graphic Design Agency we were constantly looking for ways to improve our sales tracking and production flow.

We looked at many different systems including CRM’s from many different companies, all of which proved to fall short of our requirements. ST Software

Vista Ventures


Vista Ventures

Vista Ventures Develops Quality life Style homes in Country NSW. It designs builds and Project Managers these projects with the assistance of the Supertracker Software from ST Software. 

The Internet capability of stSoftware is of particular importance to us, as it enables our staff to access up to date information on line from our sites in the Country to our head office in Sydney.

Vista Ventures uses the Quotation module in Super Tracker to identify major packages of Work. This

Solutions IE Pty Ltd


Solutions IE Pty Ltd

Solutions IE Pty Ltd is a serviced based business with a central call/administration centre and a distributed workforce. ST Software's Job Track application has provided us with the necessary tools to effectively manage client work requests from the initial inquiry through to completion.

Customer service can instantly retrieve up-to-date information for a client using any relevant information. A full history of previous communication with the client along with details such

Citigroup Global Markets Inc.


Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Smith Barney uses the ST Software Engine (Cloudblocks Framework) to develop its Equity Research Database Platform. Designed as a single unified global system this database will be deployed to over 1,500 concurrent users in more than 50 different locations around the world.

Our decision to use the ST Engine as the foundation for our system proved to be cost-effective both in terms of development time and resources. ST enabled us to meet our aggressive production schedule