Our Mission

Our mission is to create inspiring technology that improves the world.

These are big goals but they’re goals we believe are worth striving for.

Each day, we apply passion, strategy and focus in our work and in doing so, we enjoy seeing the huge improvements in ease of functionality and system reliability that our solutions generate for our clients.

We hope to have the opportunity to offer you these same advantages and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements in further detail with you.


About us

Our people are recognised as truly innovative experts in online applications. Our highly talented and dedicated ICT Teams deliver high value, exceptional performance systems for all businesses, from start-ups to highly complex multi-national systems.

Our focus is to provide clients with flexible end-to-end integrated systems that optimise processes. This will empower your team enabling you to be responsive to changing demands and maximise emerging opportunities.

We are dedicated to our clients and

Our Team

The stSoftware leadership team has high-level technical skills and capability in all aspects of solution design and development, legacy system migration and project management.

We can use our knowledge, our skills and passion to leverage technology to generate significant operational improvements for your organisation.

We’re also very ‘hands-on’ in our approach, and aim to develop a strong collaborative partnership with each of our clients. Our clients comment that we’re responsive to their requirements


The team at stSoftware are driven by a series of values that underpin all we do.

We strive to: We do this by:
  • Be innovative
  • Think about the essence of a problem to guide you to the best outcome
  • Use a simple solution if it works as well as a complex one
  • Invent a solution if one doesn’t exist
  • Good procedures and backups allow you to be more creative
  • You’re smart so show it in your work and try to be inspiring
  •  Build sustainable value
  • Design code with the greatest longevity in mind
  • Write documentation which enlightens and instructs further


stSoftware has a long history in cloud and web technology teamed with our experience working with a range of clients from global banking equities to government vendors, franchises, member organisations and SME businesses.

Our clients choose to either install their system or utilise our cloud hosting for delivery as SaaS.

We are constantly innovating and have developed a strong base of online tools and commercial-out-of-the-box products for specific industries which can be tailored for SME's or fully