Assigning a domain (host) name to your stSoftware hosted website or web system


After you have registered a new domain name with a domain name (DNS) provider such goDaddy, or you have an exisiting domain name, you need to change the associated IP address so that your domain name points to stSoftware's servers.

Or contact us to add "Assigning your domain name" service to your website or websystem package and we'll manage it for you.


Assign your domain (host) name to the IP addresses of our servers

Have your DNS pointed to either of the two groupings of IP addresses below;


Can different sites be created for different host names?


To make a site the default for a domain or set of domain names a comma separated list of host name patterns is entered.

The default site is calculated to be the first PUBLISHED site with a matching host name pattern, if no matching sites then the first site will a blank host name list. 

The domain name registry itself must be done as normal to point to the system with providers such as goDaddy or Netregistry

Host name to site mapping


How to work around DNS (Domain Name System) outages.


On 28 of March 2013 the web's DNS was under attack by one of the largest DDoS attack in the web's history.

The DNS is used by a web browser to translate a host name to a IP address, which is a bit like using a phone book to look up a person's phone number.

There are a number of ways of working around a DNS outage:-

Change the DNS servers used