Page Keywords Meta Tag


The "keywords" meta tags is no longer used by any of the major search engines. Under some circumstances they can actually be scored negatively against the page rank, when a high count of irrelevant or duplicated key words are added. 

The system will automatically de-duplicate keywords if entered. For example if "SEO, meta, Seo,tags,,," is entered as the list of keywords, the list will be converted to "SEO, meta, tags"

Later releases will deprecate the entry of key words completely. Currently Google completely

Validation for Emails, phone numbers, first and last names.

 The following field validations have been added.

Field Validation Reason

The host name for the email will be looked up to match sure it's valid and active.

The email must match the following pattern:-


Examples of valid and invalid email addresses:-

  • abc@.
When sending emails a large number of bouncing emails will cause our servers to be marked as spammers

What to do when you get an email warning about "variable is deprecated"

You may have seen email warnings about "variable is deprecated". The system has been updated to warn if an email variable or bit of code which is 'deprecated' or out of date. (I had to look up what that meant! - see

What do you do?

You can click Continue to send the emails and it will be fine.

To stop seeing the warning we just need you to update your email template to the new formats for email variables. For example $recipient.firstname,Sir/Madam$ it is

Page META description

The HTML META tag "description" allows you to influence how your web pages are described and displayed in search results. A good description acts as a potential organic advertisement and encourages the viewer to click through to your site.

Example META description

A page META description should be short. The description in the <meta description> tag should to be between 25 and 160 characters in length. A <meta description> tag which is too long will be displayed truncated and can be seen as spam by search engines. The optimal length