What is the new Calendar?


The new Calendar is a full-sized, drag & drop calendar. It uses AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly for each month/week/day.

Select from the filters to change the date range and items displayed according to type, category, status and assign to. Items are tasks, events, sales opportunities or jobs which have been entered and scheduled to a day and time. You'll see items in the calendar. Click on the item to see the details of the item. You can switch between the calendar and timeline view any time.

We've listed some handy Calendar Tips at the

How to link my JobTrack calendar with my calendar on Google, Apple iCal or Outlook?


View JobTrack dates on iCalendar Applications

Task & Event dates  /   Sales Opp & Quote timings   /    Job milestones & deadlines

Use JobTrack's iCal button to easily view your time critical sales dates & job schedules on Google Calendar, Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook.

The new iCal button makes it so easy to integrate your JobTrack data with iCalendar* applications like Google Calendar. This means you can view time critical database information conveniently on your preferred on-line calendar application on your mobile or other