stServer suggested Java arguments


Below are the standard JVM server parameters. 

G1 Garbage Collector

  • -XX:+UseG1GC
    • Turn on the G1 garbage collector. 
  • -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=250
    • Target a maximum pause time of no more than 250 milliseconds.  

What is the recommended upgrade schedule for self hosted systems?


We recommend at least quarterly maintenance release are installed to your test environment, tested then promoted to your production system as part of the normal software maintenance cycle.

Regular and timely updates reduce the risks of running a live system that is out of sync with stSoftware's current version and enables your users to benefit from our R&D program, which is our investment and commitment to continually improve our systems for our customers (in recent years we have typically invested over

What are the MINIMUM platform requirements?


stSoftware server Minimum requirements

The system is a pure Java SE implementation. All extensions required to the standard JDK7+ install come bundled with the system installation. The system is intended as a large multi-user web application, having large internal data caches which require generous amounts of RAM on the server machine.

The server is compatible with standard Java servlet 3.0 or above container. Supported servlet containers include :