Article creation, editing and publishing


Article creation couldn't be easier with stsoftware, our system allows you to create your articles on-site and takes care of the formating for you so all you have to be concerned with is the content of your website. The system has built-in checks and balances making quality control easy, all changes made to an article can be seen and reverted if need be and any new content can be put up for review without being published.

Are there multiple page status' to manage webpage development through to publishing?

The CMS Site builder has multiple page statuses to enable you to control the publishing of webpages while they are being developed or changed.

Page status is easy to use and gives website developers very effective control of the publishing process across the site. You can utilise different page status to manage the publishing of individual pages. For example by setting the status of a page which is under development, to 'Offline', this page will not be published (not visible on your public site) when you