Does stSoftware's CMS include an audit trail and full version control of pages including roll-back ability?

A full audit trail is automatically recorded for every change in the system. Selecting records as they were at any point of time is standard functionality. 

On each standard screen there is a log tab which shows the changes to this and related records.

Log tab

Each transaction record every change to every record within that transaction.


The journal can be searched using a number of very suffocated commands.

Journal Search

Any transaction or set of transaction can be reversed by an administrator. 


Record changes are now displayed in a "difference" format

The system automatically records each and every change to a record with who/when/what. 

The display of these changes was a side by side comparison of the previous & current value. When the field that is being changed is a large text field, it was quite hard to see what the actual change was. We have improved the viewing of the transaction details to display the changes in a difference format which is color coded for deletions and insertions.  

Log tab

Transaction list

Transaction list

Changes in the one transaction

Transaction view