How to set order your products in store

1. Set a sequence on Selling Details tab to order this product:

This sequence will be used in "All" category


2. Set the sequences on Categories tab to set the order of this product in any categories:

This sequences will be used in the corresponding categories

Online store product shipping rates



When you have a E-Commerce store you need to define your shipping rates & rules. You'll probably want to configure more than one type of service, so that your customers can choose from a range of delivery costs. In particular, you should remember that it will cost you more to ship to some regions than others, so you're likely to need more than one shipping rate if you send products across long distances as well as locally.

The shipping rates will be likely based on the size and weight of the products to be shipped. The shipping

How to set the store PayPal account?


Go to Admin/Settings menu, Database tab, you can find the Default Pay Pal Account dropdown and Use Live PayPal Server checkbox in Financials section.

You can select a PayPal account or create a new PayPal account

By checking "Use Live PayPal Server" checkbox, all purchases from the store will be real money transactions, uncheck this checkbox to use PayPal sendbox server (test server), no real money transfered.