How to build and edit email template in minutes.


How to build/edit template

Navigate to Emails > Templates

Email Template 

 Select the template to edit or create new one.

Template Screen


Fetch data from the database

Data from the system can be added to the template subject or body using field tokens.

The token format is ${object.field}

Object can be: recipient, sender, target or globals.

Use the recipient object to fetch data from the current recipient you send the email to.

Use the sender object to fetch data from the current sender of this email.

Use the target object to fetch data from the object

Format your emails with Cascading Style Sheets.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used to style your emails; create professional branding, specific marketing and event styling

You can add a CSS to every email / for an individual user email account / email template / or specific email.

1. System wide email CSS - Once you add a system wide email CSS all new emails will use this style.

Go to : Admin > Setting > select tab named 'Email' and set your CSS

 System email CSS

With this example the email editor for all the users would look like the below.

Email with system CSS 

2. User account email CSS - Your

Validation for Emails, phone numbers, first and last names.

 The following field validations have been added.

Field Validation Reason

The host name for the email will be looked up to match sure it's valid and active.

The email must match the following pattern:-


Examples of valid and invalid email addresses:-

  • abc@.
When sending emails a large number of bouncing emails will cause our servers to be marked as spammers

Easy tools to master email marketing!


Remember the most important goal with emails is that they are opened 

Whether you are composing an email to one person or designing an email campaign to 1000's of recipients using the Email module, you should follow a few simple pointers to increase your Open and Read statistics;

  • Your recipients are more likely to open an email when they recognise the sender, so make sure your sender address clearly identifies where you are from.
  • A clear and honest subject line will illicit a better initial response, also builds trust over time that the recipients

What to do when you get an email warning about "variable is deprecated"

You may have seen email warnings about "variable is deprecated". The system has been updated to warn if an email variable or bit of code which is 'deprecated' or out of date. (I had to look up what that meant! - see

What do you do?

You can click Continue to send the emails and it will be fine.

To stop seeing the warning we just need you to update your email template to the new formats for email variables. For example $recipient.firstname,Sir/Madam$ it is

Does stSoftware's CMS allow the content of structured pages and e-newsletter to be copied to create a new structured page or e-newsletter.

Content can be pasted in paste, "paste as plain text" and "paste from word"



All articles are published via an enhanced RSS feed. The content of these articles is then reused in multiple locations using XLST throughout the site.

XLST form

The site designer can create template pages and then extend these pages to reuse the template page content. 

Extend template