stSoftware July 2015 Release Notes


July 2015 - System Enhancements

New Distribution Method to distribute Published Website Articles via email:

Now you can publish an article to your website and easily distribute it via email to a list of Contacts.

The new distribution method uses Email ReST Variables which identifies and automatically adds the email Subject and email Body to be distributed to the Recipients. For example if you have a monthly Newsletter Article which you create this can be Published to your website and now it can also easily be distributed via our ReST service as

Release Notes for Job Track - September 2012

Release Overview


- MYOB Synchronisation is here for Contacts!This is the first of many MYOB V19 integration enhancements which will see manual exports replaced with automated synchronisation.

WebDAV performance has been improved, see how easy it is to transfer files between your local machine and your online database with DRAG & DROP useability!

Bug Fixes:

- Auto Completer field refined specifically for contacts which have titles; Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr...


- MYOB Synchronisation for Contacts.  This release specifically for MYOB V19.7. Watch