Content Management System (CMS)


The stSoftware CMS is a complete online solution with everything you’d expect from an advanced CMS, plus a whole lot more to give you greater control over your website and business data, and unify your communications.

Designed to make it easy to manage the flow of content across multiple websites, our CMS is the ideal solution for group-based organisations such as franchise networks, enterprises and government agencies.

stSoftware's Cloud CRM


Customers today expect personalised and convenient service – such as customer self-service to initiate services and ordering, manage and analyse their accounts and pay bills. First generation customer self-service deployments improved customer service and have also "whetted" customer appetites for better access from multiple channels and devices. This coupled with increased competition, challenges organisations to be increasingly innovative to keep customers happy while keeping costs down.

stSoftware has been providing Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management