Professional Services Pricing


stSoftware Professional Services and Packs

stSoftware's professional IT and development services are provided by our own web and cloud experts in Australia who are highly trained and experienced. Professional service packages are very popular with our clients as they can utilise the full range of our IT services at discounted rates. Packages include Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP) or Professional Service Packs.

CIPs and Professional Service Packs allow our client's to innovate, disrupt and implement new technology

How are server issues (faults etc) monitored?


We have automated heart beat monitors which checks the health of the servers and a number of background tasks. In addition to checking the list of known tasks database read & write actions are performed and the available disk space is checked. If the heart beat monitor itself takes more than 5 minutes to run an alert is sent. The heart beat monitor runs every 15 minutes.

Heart beat message

The list of tasks that the system will monitor are defined in the class DBTask.

List of tasks

A task is defined by:-

  • code which uniquely identifies this task

How are SQL Injection attacks prevented?


SQL injection is a code injection technique, used to attack data driven applications like stSoftware.

stSoftware systems support a number of web accessible protocols including:-

  • ReST
  • SOAP
  • Web Forms
  • GWT RPC 

All protocols access the underlying data through the DAL ( data access layer). There is NO direct access to the underlying data store no matter which protocol is used. Each protocol accepts the request to read or write data and then perform the protocols validations and then passes the request on to the DAL to execute the request which in turn validates the request, checks the user's access and perform any validations before returning the result.

SQL & XSS attacks are automatically tested for each of the supported protocols. Listed below are the standard SQL injection strings attempted.

SQL Injection String
\'; DROP

How can stSoftware's CMS be used to manage events and resources?


Events and Resources are managed through multiple Modules.

They are briefly outlined here;


  • Details, site, time and date, duration

  • Invite attendees – select attendees then click send invitation button to send template email to all attendees & record status and attendance


  • scheduling events - resources according to availability, skill set, location


  • manage staff resources – availability rules, specialisations and rates


  • Easy graphical interface for tasks, events, jobs (projects

What is the recommended upgrade schedule for self hosted systems?


We recommend at least quarterly maintenance release are installed to your test environment, tested then promoted to your production system as part of the normal software maintenance cycle.

Regular and timely updates reduce the risks of running a live system that is out of sync with stSoftware's current version and enables your users to benefit from our R&D program, which is our investment and commitment to continually improve our systems for our customers (in recent years we have typically invested over