Professional Services Pricing

Professional Services Pricing includes discounted packages and standard rates

stSoftware Professional Services and Packs

stSoftware's professional IT and development services are provided by our own web and cloud experts in Australia who are highly trained and experienced. Professional service packages are very popular with our clients as they can utilise the full range of our IT services at discounted rates. Packages include Continuous Improvement Programs (CIP) or Professional Service Packs.

CIPs and Professional Service Packs allow our client's to innovate, disrupt and implement new technology. To set their organisations as leaders in their industry, to offer unique services and products through new delivery methods, or achieve organisation wide productivity gains and operational cost savings. Outcomes which typically require multiple cloud and web expertise such as cloud migration, systems integration and applications development which stSoftware can provide within a time-based, budgeted timetable.

A CIP retainer agreement provides services at up to 50% discount of standard rates and is ideal for a program of regular tailoring or enhancements. This lowers the financial barriers between a standard system and moving to a fully tailored system.

Professional Service Packs provide discounts from 10% to 35% of standard rates and is suited for small or medium sized projects. The pack of discounted services are valid for 12 months to use on any project, meaning the scheduling is entirely flexible but the discount is locked in.

CIP and development packages lower the investment cost and maximise the return of your cloud or web application. Both are pre-paid, the CIP gives a  larger discount and the payment is monthly so it is easier on cash flow. With a CIP the agreed number of days per month will expire at the end of every month whereas apart from a maximum number of hours per month, a Professional Service Pack may be used as required, the timing is flexible.

CIP Programs

CIP Programs are an excellent option to tailor your system iteratively over time or complete a regular program of maintenance and enhancements. To qualify for the generous discounts the CIP must have a minimum 6 months term and paid by the start of each monthly period.

A CIP is a great option if in the next 6 months (or longer) you require regular amounts of development work. A little every month means you get continued tailoring and so better value out of your system and you get big savings on our services.

A CIP can be used for any of our professional services such as Consulting and IT Strategy, Analysis, Design and Development.

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Professional Service Packs

Professional Service Packs offer discounts on pre-paid services for periods from 5 to 50 Days. The packs offer discounts from 10% to 35%, provide excellent value and flexible timing.

A Professional Service Pack is the better option if you have a development project which needs to be implemented in a single stage or stages which don't suit a monthly time-scale. You receive discounted services and the services can be flexibly scheduled, up to a maximum number of hours per month.

Professional Service Packs can be used for any of our professional services such as Consulting and IT Strategy, Analysis, Design and Development.

See stSoftware Professional Services Pricing for Professional Service Pack pricing

Professional Service Reporting

CIP and Professional Service Pack activities are reported weekly. The Activity Report provides an itemised overview of all completed and ongoing service tasks for the period and listing any future goals the client has requested. Weekly reporting cycles facilitate good communication, aiding the planning and collaboration process.

Post Pay Professional Services

Our professional services are available without a service package, provided at our standard rates and invoiced weekly.

A standard day is 7.5 hours. Time is charged in increments of 30 minutes. Minimum of 1 hour charge for an invoice period.

All prices are in Australian dollars inclusive of GST.