Does stSoftware's CMS meet WCAG 2.0 standards?


We check that our custom websites and content complies with and checked with 

Accessibility checks are built right into the WYSIWYG text editors and validation messages are given when known issues are detected in the site. 

Our custom sites comply with WCAG 2.0 AAA. There is no need for alternative "accessible" versions of the custom sites as we do not use or recommend the use of unfriendly technologies such as flash or Java applets.

Does stSoftware's CMS include an audit trail and full version control of pages including roll-back ability?

A full audit trail is automatically recorded for every change in the system. Selecting records as they were at any point of time is standard functionality. 

On each standard screen there is a log tab which shows the changes to this and related records.

Log tab

Each transaction record every change to every record within that transaction.


The journal can be searched using a number of very suffocated commands.

Journal Search

Any transaction or set of transaction can be reversed by an administrator. 


Does stSoftware's CMS allow PDF documents and or/images to be replaced/updated in place on website creating a version history?

Every version of every file is maintained and can be viewed from the log tab by clicking on the version required.

File versions


Collaboration on content will be carried out using the Job / Project management module and Wiki.

Jobs / Projects

  • enable tasks to be assigned to users and assign Cc alerts to multiple users to automatically share changes and updates to the task
  • Notes can be recorded and attachments uploaded or drag and dropped to Jobs or Tasks


  • standard Wiki functionality allows users to quickly facilitate