Can the system be customised whether it's hosted as a cloud service or installed on our own server?

Hosted or installed - all stSoftware's web systems can be tailored to suit client's requirements. We offer Continuous Improvement Programs which deliver customisations and updates as a discounted monthly service or Ad-hock services.

All our web systems come with an extensive suite of standard modules, screens and functions which when tailored provide a rapid and affordable custom solution which is robust and mature and provided as a full service commercial software application. Whether you have a hosted (cloud)

What's best practice software maintenance for self-hosted systems?


Software Maintenance Program for Self-Hosted Systems

Our Software Maintenance Program for Self-Hosted Systems provides for 1/4ly system updates and professional services at a 40% discount of standard rates for system maintenance and customisation. This program is intended to ensure systems are well maintained, have the latest security updates and see that users benefit from stSoftware's investment in leading-edge web technology; with little disruption and high user acceptance due to the maintenance