Can the system be customised whether it's hosted as a cloud service or installed on our own server?

stSoftware's systems can be tailored to suit client's requirements through a program of 'continuous improvement' or as required.

Hosted or installed - all stSoftware's web systems can be tailored to suit client's requirements. We offer Continuous Improvement Programs which deliver customisations and updates as a discounted monthly service or Ad-hock services.

All our web systems come with an extensive suite of standard modules, screens and functions which when tailored provide a rapid and affordable custom solution which is robust and mature and provided as a full service commercial software application. Whether you have a hosted (cloud) or self-hosted (installed on customer's hardware) system, they can be fully customised.

Hosted systems automatically receive regular live updates which ensure systems are well maintained, have the latest security updates and enable all users to benefit immediately from stSoftware's investment in developing leading-edge web technology. We can customise your hosted system to your specific requirements. This is best achieved with a Continuous Improvement Program, essentially this extends your monthly hosted service to include a number of customisations every month.

Self-hosted systems need to ensure their systems are well maintained and have the latest security updates, this is best achieved with a Continuous Improvement Program combining 1/4ly updates and customisations. This allows all users to benefit from stSoftware's updates, ensures system maintenance is regular and the program provides a number of customisations every month. The 1/4ly updates add value to your system from our ongoing investment in developing leading-edge web technology.


Continuous Improvement Program - delivering customisation and updates as an affordable monthly service

Our Continuous Improvement Program for hosted (cloud) or self-hosted (installed on customer's hardware) systems provides monthly professional services at a highly discounted rates for system tailoring.

Businesses understand system customisations can help them achieve specific objectives, increase ROI and be more competitive but it's a balance between cost and benefit. stSoftware's Continuous Improvement Programs provides organisations big or small with a monthly program of iterative customisations at a reduced cost and on budget. This lowers the financial barriers between the deployment of a standard out-of-the-box web system and moving to a custom web system which is under 'continuous improvement'.

The Continuous Improvement Programs are pre-paid and give large discounts on services. The payment is monthly so is easier on cash flow and can be budgeted for. The agreed number of days per month will expire at the end of every month and any additional time per month is charged at the standard services rates.

The program can use any of our professional services such as Consulting and IT Strategy, Analysis, Design and Development.

Continuous Improvement Programs provide professional services with discounts from 25% to 50%. Most popular programs fall between 2 - 5 days / month for SME's and between 6 - 20 days / month for larger organisations. Programs match IT goals with budgets and provide excellent outcomes within typical business IT expenditure.


Ad-hock Tailoring - Standard Professional Service Rates

Our professional services are available without a service package, provided at our standard rates and invoiced weekly.

A standard day is 7.5 hours. Time is charged in increments of 15 minutes. Minimum of 1 hour charge for an invoice period.


Professional Service Reporting and Billing Cycle

Professional service activities are reported and invoiced weekly, pre-paid accounts will show a credit applied and nil balance owing. The Continuous Improvement Report provides an itemised overview all completed and ongoing service tasks for the period and listing any future tasks the client has requested. Weekly reporting and billing cycles facilitate good communication, aiding the planning and collaboration process.

All prices are in Australian dollars inclusive of GST.