Content Management System (CMS)

Better content management for smarter business

The stSoftware CMS is a complete online solution with everything you’d expect from an advanced CMS, plus a whole lot more to give you greater control over your website and business data, and unify your communications.

Designed to make it easy to manage the flow of content across multiple websites, our CMS is the ideal solution for group-based organisations such as franchise networks, enterprises and government agencies.

Powerful, dynamic online platform

One of the most distinctive features of our CMS is the fact that it’s part of a feature-rich, modular system which allows for seamless integration of multiple business functions. This means you’ll have an interactive website with the ability to process tasks such as requests for quotes or orders ,and manage your entire operations using one integrated platform.

Track your business data, manage workflow and share information across your organisation by pairing your content management system with over xx additional modules

  • CRM
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Quotes
  • Job progress
  • Timesheets
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Subscriptions
  • Payment processing
  • Calendars
  • Schedulers
  • Plus much more

By integrating essential business functions with your CMS, you’ll have one streamlined solution that improves efficiency, ensures consistency across organisational sites and databases, and gives you a complete picture of your operations at any one time.

One CMS. Many roles.

The stSoftware CMS brings together two complementary skill sets to give you the ability to create or edit content without the need to outsource. With built-in Editing and Designer modes, your in-house content authors and web designers or developers will have access to two sets of tools for their different roles, so you always have complete control over your website.

Content Editing Role

Keeping your website content up-to-date requires virtually no technical skills and very little time. The simple user interface allows you to organise all types of content, including text, photos and videos into pre-designed Articles. Your marketing team or copywriter can quickly edit existing content or upload new articles, and preview and publish changes immediately.

Web Designer Role

The CMS has a complete Site Builder with a host of features and sophisticated design tools that you can use to manage the look and structure of your website. Your web designer or developer can easily manipulate the design and placement of web pages with unlimited styling options, and create types of Articles to control the appearance and positioning of content created by authors.

The intuitive page controls make it easy to edit site structure and layout, and specialised functions such as cloning tools allow you to replicate features like our shopping cart template.

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