How are user timezones detected?


The user's timezone can't be detected by a ReST call itself.

The client's public IP addresses we can be used in combination with ReST service to find a rough location.

When a client logs into the system, the client's timezone is passed as a parameter in the ReST call /v1/auth/login/{username}.

ReST auth login

The web pages that use the library jstz to detect the timezone and then does log-in via ReST. We remember the user's timezone in the database session record.

Sample Application

How to synchronize data between stSoftware server and an external system.



A client program calls the stSoftware server with the /v6/sync/{className} ReST service for the class name that is required to be sync'd to an external system. The since parameter controls which record changes will returned. Initially the program starts with a default value for since, once the result set of the changed records has been scrolled through a new value of since will be returned from the server. The returned since is the server time of the last change returned.

For each record changed

How to set order your products in store

1. Set a sequence on Selling Details tab to order this product:

This sequence will be used in "All" category


2. Set the sequences on Categories tab to set the order of this product in any categories:

This sequences will be used in the corresponding categories

How to disable unused modules


There are many modules enabled by default. This leads to screen clutter. Disabling the modules that are not used will lead to less user confusion and screen clutter.

Default task screen


Navigate to "Admin->Settings-Modules"

Modules tab

Disable the module

Disable a module

Refresh task screen and the "Timesheet" tab will be gone

Task screen with timesheets disabled.

How to create a ReST magic number?


To set up a new API key for a ReST service:-

  • Choose the ReST service to create the API key for ( steps 1-3)
  • Open the data entry screen for the selected service ( step 4)
  • Select the "security" tab ( step 5 )
  • Create a new magic number ( step 6)
  • Choose the user access to use for this service and press OK ( step 7-8)

The demonstration system can be used to try out the ReST services.

 Open Sync ReST service

Edit the Sync ReST service

Open Secuirty tab

Save magic number



How to build and edit email template in minutes.


How to build/edit template

Navigate to Emails > Templates

Email Template 

 Select the template to edit or create new one.

Template Screen


Fetch data from the database

Data from the system can be added to the template subject or body using field tokens.

The token format is ${object.field}

Object can be: recipient, sender, target or globals.

Use the recipient object to fetch data from the current recipient you send the email to.

Use the sender object to fetch data from the current sender of this email.

Use the target object

How to enable desktop notification?


When you get a new desktop notification, your browser will ask for your permission to show the desktop notification by default.


Click the "Allow" button in the pop up



Select "Always Show Notifications"


You can always change the notification permissions for a site.


  1. go to Settings
  2. click the "Show advanced settings" link at bottom
  3. click the "Content settings" button in Privacy section
  4. scroll down to "Notification" section
  5. click the "Manage exceptions..." button



Hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Back-ups & Redundancy

All databases are backed up and transferred off site nightly.

As part of the document storage process files have a SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) hash calculated and then the files are compressed and encrypted. The SHA-1 and the encryption keys are stored in the client's database. The compressed encrypted documents are stored on multiple file server nodes in the cluster. Each night the encrypted documents are replicated off site.

What are my IP rights?



stSoftware's award winning patented multi-layered database structure separates generic and custom client code and data into different database layers. The code and data held in the Client App Layer and the Client Data Layer are the intellectual property (IP) of the client. The code and data held in the st Engine/App Layers are the IP of stSoftware.

The multi-layered database structure provides more than a designation of IP, they are integral to customising a generic solution which is rapid and affordable

How to check your ReST service returns expected format/values?


 You can view all the ReST services and their details via CMS/RESTful API


You can also try or edit a ReST service here 

 To set up a sanity check for a ReST service, click the "Edit" button, and go to "Sanity" tab

Click "Add" button to add a new sanity check or click one check to edit it.

Enter the additional path, and all parameters, the results section will show you the response status and response JSON


Click "Add" button in the "Checks" section to add one check for this sanity check. Enter the JSON

stSoftware July 2015 Release Notes


July 2015 - System Enhancements

New Distribution Method to distribute Published Website Articles via email:

Now you can publish an article to your website and easily distribute it via email to a list of Contacts.

The new distribution method uses Email ReST Variables which identifies and automatically adds the email Subject and email Body to be distributed to the Recipients. For example if you have a monthly Newsletter Article which you create this can be Published to your website and now it can also easily be distributed via our ReST service as