Progressive Web Apps: Best of both worlds


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) offer faster, leaner cross platform (iOS/Android) app development with the look&feel of a native app but with the maintainability of a web site. PWA templates have been integrated into our CMS. PWA are a game changer for old native app development with it's lean low cost development life cycle, automatic security updates and rapid design tools. The user experience is smooth & consistent with offline access.

Android L&F

How are user timezones detected?


The user's timezone can't be detected by a ReST call itself.

The client's public IP addresses we can be used in combination with ReST service to find a rough location.

When a client logs into the system, the client's timezone is passed as a parameter in the ReST call /v1/auth/login/{username}.

ReST auth login

The web pages that use the library jstz to detect the timezone and then does log-in via ReST. We remember the user's timezone in the database session record.

Sample Application