What is the new Timeline module?


Timeline is more than a graphical representation of your JobTrack data, it is interactive allowing you to link back to the item with a click to see the full details, edit and add details.

Select from the filters to change the date range and items displayed according to type, category and status. Items are tasks, events or sales opportunities which have been entered and scheduled to a day and time. You'll see items in timeline bands with a colour line representing their scheduled time and duration. The items you can view on

How do I send out event invitations?


Create a new event.


Invite your contacts by selecting the tab 'Invite Others'

Invite Others


Send the invitation via email 

Press the button "Send Invitation" to create an email populated with your contacts.

The email opens up with a pre defined template that can be changed.

email screen


Page Keywords Meta Tag


The "keywords" meta tags is no longer used by any of the major search engines. Under some circumstances they can actually be scored negatively against the page rank, when a high count of irrelevant or duplicated key words are added. 

The system will automatically de-duplicate keywords if entered. For example if "SEO, meta, Seo,tags,,," is entered as the list of keywords, the list will be converted to "SEO, meta, tags"

Later releases will deprecate the entry of key words completely. Currently Google completely

Assigning a domain (host) name to your stSoftware hosted website or web system


After you have registered a new domain name with a domain name (DNS) provider such goDaddy, or you have an exisiting domain name, you need to change the associated IP address so that your domain name points to stSoftware's servers.

Or contact us to add "Assigning your domain name" service to your website or websystem package and we'll manage it for you.


Assign your domain (host) name to the IP addresses of our servers

Have your DNS pointed to either of the two groupings of IP addresses below;