What is Web Forms?


stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer

stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer that enables web forms to be created quickly and easily. Forms can then be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. stSoftware's Forms are integrated with stSoftware's Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich cloud applications.

Form Painter

Quick and Easy Forms Design

Empower business users and enhance developer productivity:

  • Auto-generate forms to support your business applications 
  • Customize forms quickly with

Customizing your login screens

Screen URLs  can be found under: Admin > Setting > Passwords tab

 Customise login screen


The login screen can be customised from the CMS module.

Go to : CMS Sites > Select "public" site > Go to "pages" tab and select the "login" screen.


 Now You can modify the login page and the CSS properties.


Alternatively, the login page can be copied, and customised. The login URL will have to be updated in the setting screen.



Social features are integrated into the core of the CMS


When articles are published the built in social integration automatically posts the article to the requested social sites.

When posting to twitter the title and subtitle are automatically shorten to within the 140 character limit.

All published articles are automatically published via the RSS feed.

The CMS automatically generates an XML Sitemap which can be submitted to search engines for faster indexing of new content.

Is workflow customizable?


Workflow is a series of activities that form a real world process and defines the order in which these activities are processed and their dependencies. In a software sense, ' work flow' refers to the triggering of events and the processing of corresponding actions. This process turns a software application from being simply a data entry and retrieval system into a business application that reflects business processes, thus increasing both quality and productivity and reducing costs.

System security overview



stSoftware designs systems to meet or exceed all aspects of the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework PSPF. At stSoftware, we take security very seriously. Our ephemeral workload servers are locked down to be accessed only via bastion hosts; the support team can only access the bastion hosts themselves via secure shell from specific IP addresses. 


stSoftware follows Infrastructure as Code principles for all AWS services.

Does the CMS include a script manager?


Every page can define a script and/or include a number of script modules.

Page scripts

Each script module can have many versions of the JavaScript. 

Script Module

Each script version can specify what is the maximum and/or minimum browser version compatible with this script. The page can specify the a maximum version number for inclusion or just the script module. The script manager will include the highest compatible script version.

Script Version

New control panel pages


Create new looking pages for QuickStart, Contacts, Business Units, Quotes, Jobs, Financials, Inventory, Purchases, Timesheets and Subscription

QuickStart page:


Quotes page:


How to change the standard screen ?

1. Open CMS Site menu, open the data entry screen for site "intranet"


2. Click the "Clone" button for the page you'd like to modify, enter a path, eg: cp/myQuickStart and click "OK" button


3. go to Customize/Menus, open the Control Panel menu


4. Open the QuickStart menu, change the url to /site

User Access Control Limits


Every class in the system has ACLs (Access Control Limits ) which prevent CRUD ( Create, Read, Update and Delete) of records that are unauthorized. These ACLs are applied to all requests regardless of where or how the requests is made.

The same ACLs apply to web forms, SOAP requests, ReST or any other protocol.

Access Control Limits