How to check your ReST service returns expected format/values?


 You can view all the ReST services and their details via CMS/RESTful API


You can also try or edit a ReST service here 

 To set up a sanity check for a ReST service, click the "Edit" button, and go to "Sanity" tab

Click "Add" button to add a new sanity check or click one check to edit it.

Enter the additional path, and all parameters, the results section will show you the response status and response JSON


Click "Add" button in the "Checks" section to add one check for this sanity check. Enter the JSON Path you'd like to

stSoftware July 2015 Release Notes


July 2015 - System Enhancements

New Distribution Method to distribute Published Website Articles via email:

Now you can publish an article to your website and easily distribute it via email to a list of Contacts.

The new distribution method uses Email ReST Variables which identifies and automatically adds the email Subject and email Body to be distributed to the Recipients. For example if you have a monthly Newsletter Article which you create this can be Published to your website and now it can also easily be distributed via our ReST service as

How to distribute a published article via email


To distribute a published article via email firstly you have to enable the Distribution module and you'll need to have Admin level access. You can find the Distribution module in Modules tab of Admin/Settings screen:

Modules tab

Go to the main menu and click on Articles/List Articles, find the published article you want to distribute, go to Distribution tab, and check "Enable" checkbox.

Distribution tab

Once Distribution for this article is enabled, you can add Distribution Methods. You don't have to select Email Template or enter

Setup heart beat monitor


1. Generate two magic numbers to access the application from another process (monitor) without using user:password.

 Go to 'Customize > Classes' and search for the class DBMagicNumber and click on create DBMagicNumber


Save and copy the generated key from the field 'Magic Number' . 

Create a second magic number and set the command to: HEALTH show human DISK;

Save and copy the generated key from the field 'Magic Number' . 




Note: Only user with