Cloud Application Development Lifecycle



The stSoftware application life cycle consists of weekly incremental releases with stake holder planning and demostrations. The release cycle is two weeks from the planning phase to feature release, features are broken down into small enough tasks to be able to fit into the two week release cycle. This project management methodology is known as Agile/Scrum

Agile project management is broken up into three main phases:-

  1. Planning
  2. Development Sprints
  3. Release Sprints

stSoftware cloud systems have three main environments

How to set up in memory database?



Many client systems have for a number of years used "in memory" or "private" databases for the engine/app layers. Private ( in memory) databases can be used for the engine and application layer databases which are effective static between releases. Private ( in memory ) databases allow for many performance enhancements and reduces downtime when upgrading servers.  Private databases should not be used for data layers ( ones that we want to keep data between releases).

Progressive Web Apps: Best of both worlds


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) offer faster, leaner cross platform (iOS/Android) app development with the look&feel of a native app but with the maintainability of a web site. PWA templates have been integrated into our CMS. PWA are a game changer for old native app development with it's lean low cost development life cycle, automatic security updates and rapid design tools. The user experience is smooth & consistent with offline access.

Android L&F

How are user timezones detected?


The user's timezone can't be detected by a ReST call itself.

The client's public IP addresses we can be used in combination with ReST service to find a rough location.

When a client logs into the system, the client's timezone is passed as a parameter in the ReST call /v1/auth/login/{username}.

ReST auth login

The web pages that use the library jstz to detect the timezone and then does log-in via ReST. We remember the user's timezone in the database session record.

Sample Application

How to disable unused modules


There are many modules enabled by default. This leads to screen clutter. Disabling the modules that are not used will lead to less user confusion and screen clutter.

Default task screen


Navigate to "Admin->Settings-Modules"

Modules tab

Disable the module

Disable a module

Refresh task screen and the "Timesheet" tab will be gone

Task screen with timesheets disabled.

How to create a ReST magic number?


To set up a new API key for a ReST service:-

  • Choose the ReST service to create the API key for ( steps 1-3)
  • Open the data entry screen for the selected service ( step 4)
  • Select the "security" tab ( step 5 )
  • Create a new magic number ( step 6)
  • Choose the user access to use for this service and press OK ( step 7-8)

The demonstration system can be used to try out the ReST services.

 Open Sync ReST service

Edit the Sync ReST service

Open Secuirty tab

Save magic number