How to build and edit email template in minutes.


How to build/edit template

Navigate to Emails > Templates

Email Template 

 Select the template to edit or create new one.

Template Screen


Fetch data from the database

Data from the system can be added to the template subject or body using field tokens.

The token format is ${object.field}

Object can be: recipient, sender, target or globals.

Use the recipient object to fetch data from the current recipient you send the email to.

Use the sender object to fetch data from the current sender of this email.

Use the target object to fetch data from the object

Setup heart beat monitor


1. Generate two magic numbers to access the application from another process (monitor) without using user:password.

 Go to 'Customize > Classes' and search for the class DBMagicNumber and click on create DBMagicNumber


Save and copy the generated key from the field 'Magic Number' . 

Create a second magic number and set the command to: HEALTH show human DISK;

Save and copy the generated key from the field 'Magic Number' . 




Note: Only user with

Format your emails with Cascading Style Sheets.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used to style your emails; create professional branding, specific marketing and event styling

You can add a CSS to every email / for an individual user email account / email template / or specific email.

1. System wide email CSS - Once you add a system wide email CSS all new emails will use this style.

Go to : Admin > Setting > select tab named 'Email' and set your CSS

 System email CSS

With this example the email editor for all the users would look like the below.

Email with system CSS 

2. User account email CSS - Your

How do I send out event invitations?


Create a new event.


Invite your contacts by selecting the tab 'Invite Others'

Invite Others


Send the invitation via email 

Press the button "Send Invitation" to create an email populated with your contacts.

The email opens up with a pre defined template that can be changed.

email screen


Customizing your login screens

Screen URLs  can be found under: Admin > Setting > Passwords tab

 Customise login screen


The login screen can be customised from the CMS module.

Go to : CMS Sites > Select "public" site > Go to "pages" tab and select the "login" screen.


 Now You can modify the login page and the CSS properties.


Alternatively, the login page can be copied, and customised. The login URL will have to be updated in the setting screen.



Aged breakdown of job charges according to billing cycle

Categories in the job summary screen (Not Completed, Ready to Invoice, Balance Payable, Paid)

Not Completed

Sum all the labour charges/tasks which are still opened.
This will give us indication about how long the tasks are still opened.

    • Current - we started to work on the task in the last 7 days
    • 7 days - we started to work on the task more then 7 days ago but less then 14 days ago.
    • 14 days - we started to work on the task more then 14 days ago but less then 30 days ago.
    • 30 days - we started to work on the task

How to link my JobTrack calendar with my calendar on Google, Apple iCal or Outlook?


View JobTrack dates on iCalendar Applications

Task & Event dates  /   Sales Opp & Quote timings   /    Job milestones & deadlines

Use JobTrack's iCal button to easily view your time critical sales dates & job schedules on Google Calendar, Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook.

The new iCal button makes it so easy to integrate your JobTrack data with iCalendar* applications like Google Calendar. This means you can view time critical database information conveniently on your preferred on-line calendar application on your mobile or other

Article creation, editing and publishing


Article creation couldn't be easier with stsoftware, our system allows you to create your articles on-site and takes care of the formating for you so all you have to be concerned with is the content of your website. The system has built-in checks and balances making quality control easy, all changes made to an article can be seen and reverted if need be and any new content can be put up for review without being published.

How to use variables with CMS components


Variables can be used with CMS components to reduce duplication and easy maintenance


Below is an example of using variables in an ActiveHTML component.



Types of  Variables:-


1.Site Config XPath Variable

This variable uses xpath statement to fetch values from the site configuration xml.

SIte config xpath variable

 Below is an example of site configuration XML that should be used for site scope.Site Configuration XML


2.Page Config XPath Expression

 This variable uses xpath statement to fetch values from the page configuration XML.  

It looks and behaves similar to '

How does group contact categories work?


How does it work: 

In the example below, by selecting the parent category called 'Group 1' , all the sub categories 'Finance,Other,Supplier' are selected automatically.

Or we can only select the sub category (Like the category 'Marketing' In the example below)

Edit screen


Search for contact by category

Search screen


 How to group categories:

Go to Admin and open the 'pick list manger' and select the table called  'Contact Category', this table holds the list of categories.

Create new category like 'Group 1', this category will be

Advanced text searching on any record or document



A class can have many fields included in the key word search from the current record or related records.

Keyword searches give a powerful search facility in a single "Google" style search box. A convenient and simple search box can be used instead of the more advanced search screen in many cases.

The keyword index uses the Soundex algorithm to create the unique set of words, this allows for direct index searches on either the actual words or the words that sound like those entered.

Does the system mask sensitive information from log files like credit card numbers

Logs data can be masked based on Java regular expressions. (

Example -  mask credit card number from log files or mask only the password from connection URL.

String like: My master card number number "4444333322221111" will be masked to "My master card number number "****************"

String like: "" will be masked to "nigel:******"




How do you change the welcome page?


  • Click the [CRM] Button in the left navigation menu
  • Click the [Sites] Button in the left navigation menu
  • Click to open the [public] site

 Select public site

  • Click the [Pages] tab
  • Click the[Welcome] page

Select Welcome page 

  • Click the [Script] tab to update the JavaScript if needed
  • Click the [Style] tab to update the style sheet if needed
  • Click the[welcome component] to edit the page

Welcome component 



  • Design your Welcome page
  • Save your changes 
  • Click the[Publish] button in the site screen

Design the Welcome page