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    Testing Simplified

    The new Test tab is now available in the CMS and makes the testing process simple and easy. This incredibly useful tool allows the developer of a site to easily debug their product.  The Test Tab utilises QUnit Testing which is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit testing framework.


    The Test tab is located in the top menu when creating a new CMS website page. Under this tab there is the title 'Setup'. This is where you can create tests. To create a test simply click 'Add' located down the bottom

    by:Harry Shaw - 14 Sep 2018
    What changes to the SPF record are required to send emails via stServer?

    The standard email gateway for sending emails is Amazon Simple Email Service

    If your domain has configured an SPF record you will need to include the domain

    For example:- 

    "v=spf1 -all"


    by:Nigel Leck - 3 Apr 2018
    Notification and Collection of Personal Information

    In response to principle 13, 13.2b of the APP 1988 

    stSoftware takes many precautions in ensuring that your personal data is safe and secure at all times. Before, during and after collecting data, the individual will be notified that their personal information has been recorded. The user is notified before entering personal information and after in the form of a pop up. This is to ensure the individual is aware their information has been recorded into the system.

    In accordance with the Australian

    by:Harry Shaw - 5 Feb 2018
    Erasure of Personal Data and Restriction of Processing

    In response to Article 19 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT

    Control over your own Personal Information is important to us at stSoftware. We pride ourselves on our transparency and the ability to acknowledge clients requests quickly concerning their personal data in a safe and secure fashion. stSoftware makes sure to communicate any rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing carried out to each recipient to whom the personal data have been disclosed, unless this provides

    by:Harry Shaw - 5 Feb 2018
    Notification of Personal Data Breach

    Notification of Personal Data Breach 

    In response to Article 33 (EU) 2016/679 

    stSoftware takes pride in its security policies and ensures the highest levels of security for our clients personal data. In the unlikely case of a breach and in accordance to the APP (Australian Privacy Principles) and the (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, stSoftware shall without delay and where feasible notify the data breach to the supervisory authority. If the the notification is not made within 72 hours, it

    by:Harry Shaw - 5 Feb 2018
    Collection of Personal information

    In response to principle 5, 5.1 and 5.2 APP 1988

    Your Privacy is very important to us at stSoftware and we abide by all rules laid down by the APP (Australian Privacy principle) 5.2 Collection of Personal Information. In compliance with APP Principle 5.1 you will be notified when your Personal Information is or has been collected. stSoftwares to the best of our ability will make sure the user is aware of this recorded data in the form of a Notification. 

    Any Personal information collected and placed

    by:Harry Shaw - 5 Feb 2018
    How to call ReST services from Excel?


    All the data from a stSoftware server can be fetched via the standard ReST API, all the standard ACLs and validation rules are applied whether the data is access via the standard screens or via the ReST API

    by:Nigel Leck - 16 Aug 2017
    Progressive Web Apps: Best of both worlds

    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) offer faster, leaner cross platform (iOS/Android) app development with the look&feel of a native app but with the maintainability of a web site. PWA templates have been integrated into our CMS. PWA are a game changer for old native app development with it's lean low cost development life cycle, automatic security updates and rapid design tools. The user experience is smooth & consistent with offline access.

    Android L&F

    by:Nigel Leck - 28 Jun 2016
    Progressive Web Apps have been integrated into to CMS

    The CMS has now integrated support for Progressive Web Apps ( PWA)

    PWAs are reliable, fast, and engaging. They can be accessed when the user is offline or on unrelaible networks.


    by:Nigel Leck - 23 Jun 2016
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