Record changes are now displayed in a "difference" format

The system automatically records each and every change to a record with who/when/what. 

The display of these changes was a side by side comparison of the previous & current value. When the field that is being changed is a large text field, it was quite hard to see what the actual change was. We have improved the viewing of the transaction details to display the changes in a difference format which is color coded for deletions and insertions.  

Log tab

Transaction list

Transaction list

Changes in the one transaction

Transaction view

stSoftware's Cloud CRM


Customers today expect personalised and convenient service – such as customer self-service to initiate services and ordering, manage and analyse their accounts and pay bills. First generation customer self-service deployments improved customer service and have also "whetted" customer appetites for better access from multiple channels and devices. This coupled with increased competition, challenges organisations to be increasingly innovative to keep customers happy while keeping costs down.

stSoftware has been providing Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship

Are there multiple page status' to manage webpage development through to publishing?

The CMS Site builder has multiple page statuses to enable you to control the publishing of webpages while they are being developed or changed.

Page status is easy to use and gives website developers very effective control of the publishing process across the site. You can utilise different page status to manage the publishing of individual pages. For example by setting the status of a page which is under development, to 'Offline', this page will not be published (not visible on your public site) when

The Developer provides training support for its systems.

stSoftware offers a number of training programs based on our RoBUST model which is a Roles Based User Training method, to achieve higher learning levels of functionality that is highly relevant to individual users and user groups.

It is important to plan user training which is relevant to all users, can be reproduced with new staff and be scalable so it can accommodate organisational change.

User Training Strategy

The training strategy adopted will be influenced by the number of users, the complexity of

Does stSoftware offer guaranteed time-frames for new projects, modifications and enhancements?

stSoftware can use the Waterfall project methodology which locks down business requirements and scope at the start of the project and enables set time frames with guarantees. We prefer to use the Agile project methodology as it is increasingly recognised as providing better outcomes with shorter project times and lower costs to client as overheads are reduced.

With Agile projects the client and the vendor teams work closely together on smaller deliverables. This collaborative environment reduces