How does group contact categories work?


How does it work: 

In the example below, by selecting the parent category called 'Group 1' , all the sub categories 'Finance,Other,Supplier' are selected automatically.

Or we can only select the sub category (Like the category 'Marketing' In the example below)

Edit screen


Search for contact by category

Search screen


 How to group categories:

Go to Admin and open the 'pick list manger' and select the table called  'Contact Category', this table holds the list of categories.

Create new category like 'Group 1', this category will be

Using GWT super dev mode

NOTE: You MUST be using GWT version 2.5.1 or better. The source maps were broken in GWT 2.5

Add to your GWT module :-


         <add-linker name="xsiframe"/>
         <set-configuration-property name="devModeRedirectEnabled" value="true"/>

Add to the file:-
 Start the superdev server:-

run superdev

Add the property SUPER_DEV_MODULE to the webserver startup

run server

In Chrome enable source map

source map


Does stSoftware's CMS allow for the creation of CMS managed e-newsletter campaigns?


The system has a central Contact Relationship Management (CRM) module. The standard features include bulk emailing and email templates.

Bulk Email Screen

Email templates with "mail merge" substitutions is a standard feature.

Email Template

All reports can be exported. 

Export of contact

New contacts can be entered. Sections of the standard forms can be hidden as required or new forms can be created.

Person form

Easily import contacts using the import wizard, which includes a number of predefined templates. Custom layout can also be used.

Import wizzard

Release Notes: stSoftware's CMS Upgrade


stSoftware's CMS Upgrade

Includes new Page Controls which greatly advance the intuitiveness of page editing, a separate Article menu to easily set access priviledges for Article Authors, and a new icon on folders to quickly visualise when they are 'Public'.

stSoftware's CloudBlocks


We are highly experienced in successfully planning and implementing custom cloud and web systems for a variety of organizations, including those with complex data requirements.

CloudBlocks universal modules and full range of enterprise level tools provide a substantial head start, reducing costs, time and risk

"Our decision to use the ST Engine (CloudBlocks) as the foundation for our system proved to be cost-effective both in terms of development time and resources. ST enabled us to meet our aggressive

What databases are supported by Cloud Blocks.

The system has been tested on the following databases 

  • PostgreSQL 9.1+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Sybase 12+
  • Oracle 12.5+
  • Microsoft SQL server 2007+

The Cloud Blocks stores all the data in simple key/value pair tables, which are support by all major databases. All data access is done via the JDBC driver for the database. The main requirements of the database is that it's ACID compliant and has a JDBC driver for the current Java version.

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