How to set order your products in store

1. Set a sequence on Selling Details tab to order this product:

This sequence will be used in "All" category


2. Set the sequences on Categories tab to set the order of this product in any categories:

This sequences will be used in the corresponding categories

How to enable desktop notification?


When you get a new desktop notification, your browser will ask for your permission to show the desktop notification by default.


Click the "Allow" button in the pop up



Select "Always Show Notifications"


You can always change the notification permissions for a site.


  1. go to Settings
  2. click the "Show advanced settings" link at bottom
  3. click the "Content settings" button in Privacy section
  4. scroll down to "Notification" section
  5. click the "Manage exceptions..." button



  1. Open the site

How to check your ReST service returns expected format/values?


 You can view all the ReST services and their details via CMS/RESTful API


You can also try or edit a ReST service here 

 To set up a sanity check for a ReST service, click the "Edit" button, and go to "Sanity" tab

Click "Add" button to add a new sanity check or click one check to edit it.

Enter the additional path, and all parameters, the results section will show you the response status and response JSON


Click "Add" button in the "Checks" section to add one check for this sanity check. Enter the JSON Path you'd like to

How to use site default article template

Each CMS site could have one default article template, you can set it in the Admin tab of the site data entry screen.

Select Handlebars as the default article parser, then enter the handlebar template


When you insert an article compoent in a page, it will look like:


Then you can add your style sheet to change the looking of the article

Online store product shipping rates



When you have a E-Commerce store you need to define your shipping rates & rules. You'll probably want to configure more than one type of service, so that your customers can choose from a range of delivery costs. In particular, you should remember that it will cost you more to ship to some regions than others, so you're likely to need more than one shipping rate if you send products across long distances as well as locally.

The shipping rates will be likely based on the size and weight of the products to be shipped. The shipping

How to show RRP in online store?


Go to Store/Products menu, edit the product you wish to show the RRP, go to Selling Details tab, enter RRP in Details section and check the "Show RRP" checkbox.


Now the RRP is shown in the product page of the online store

How to set the store PayPal account?


Go to Admin/Settings menu, Database tab, you can find the Default Pay Pal Account dropdown and Use Live PayPal Server checkbox in Financials section.

You can select a PayPal account or create a new PayPal account

By checking "Use Live PayPal Server" checkbox, all purchases from the store will be real money transactions, uncheck this checkbox to use PayPal sendbox server (test server), no real money transfered.


What is the new Calendar?


The new Calendar is a full-sized, drag & drop calendar. It uses AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly for each month/week/day.

Select from the filters to change the date range and items displayed according to type, category, status and assign to. Items are tasks, events, sales opportunities or jobs which have been entered and scheduled to a day and time. You'll see items in the calendar. Click on the item to see the details of the item. You can switch between the calendar and timeline view any time.

We've listed some handy Calendar Tips at the

What is Web Forms?


stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer

stSoftware's Forms is a web based designer that enables web forms to be created quickly and easily. Forms can then be consumed on most common mobile devices from the internet, anywhere and anytime. stSoftware's Forms are integrated with stSoftware's Workflow to automate business processes and deliver rich cloud applications.

Form Painter

Quick and Easy Forms Design

Empower business users and enhance developer productivity:

  • Auto-generate forms to support your business applications 
  • Customize forms quickly with

New control panel pages


Create new looking pages for QuickStart, Contacts, Business Units, Quotes, Jobs, Financials, Inventory, Purchases, Timesheets and Subscription

QuickStart page:


Quotes page:


How to change the standard screen ?

1. Open CMS Site menu, open the data entry screen for site "intranet"


2. Click the "Clone" button for the page you'd like to modify, enter a path, eg: cp/myQuickStart and click "OK" button


3. go to Customize/Menus, open the Control Panel menu


4. Open the QuickStart menu, change the url to /site

How to access ST data from Microsoft Excel via ReST web service


Excel connection details

1. Click the Data menu, select Import External Data/New Web Query

2. Enter the XML REST address in the Address field, and click "Go" button, the login dialogue pops up, use your ST system user name and password to login


3. You should see the XML below it once you login.

4.Click the little yellow array on the top left of the XML to select the XML to import, then click "Import" button

5. select the position to import the data and click "OK" button to import.


6. Data imported


Drag & Drop files onto emails, jobs, quotes & contacts.


You now can drag & drop to add attachments for emails, jobs, quotes and contacts.

Simply drag your files from your computer and drop them to the "Attachment" section in email compose screen.

You also can drag & drop files to tasks and quotes data entry screen to add them as attachments:

Contact data entry screen accept files as attachments as well.

Note: you can't drop files in the text area. It will break the drag & drop function. You can close the browser window and open the screen again to do