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Our people are recognised as truly innovative experts in online applications. Our highly talented and dedicated ICT Teams deliver high value, exceptional performance systems for all businesses, from start-ups to highly complex multi-national systems.

Our focus is to provide clients with flexible end-to-end integrated systems that optimise processes. This will empower your team enabling you to be responsive to changing demands and maximise emerging opportunities.

We are dedicated to our clients and

Citigroup Global Markets Inc.


Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Smith Barney uses the ST Software Engine (Cloudblocks Framework) to develop its Equity Research Database Platform. Designed as a single unified global system this database will be deployed to over 1,500 concurrent users in more than 50 different locations around the world.

Our decision to use the ST Engine as the foundation for our system proved to be cost-effective both in terms of development time and resources. ST enabled us to meet our aggressive production schedule

stSoftware wins the National e-Business Award


The Yellow Pages Business Ideas Grants program is run by Pacific Access, a leading Australian information and advertising business, and is recognised as the biggest cash reward program run by the corporate sector for small business in Australia.

The 2002 grants attracted nearly 1300 entries Australia wide, with a wide range of innovative and high quality ideas.

The awards for the state and national finalists were presented at a lunch time ceremony in Sydneys Four Seasons Hotel on Wednesday the 7th



Australia's first Innovation Patent was granted on Monday 28th May for stSoftware web based, job management program, designed for small & medium businesses.

Nigel Leck, Senior Developer, yesterday received the award on behalf of ASP Converters P/L, an Australian software development company who specialize in converting existing database applications to be web-accessible. He said "this is an exciting moment for the Australian IT industry, the stSoftware database design is believed to be, not only